What's Divorce Mediation?

With more then 500 divorce mediation, Bryan Buljat offers you his experience and expertise to successfully help you through your divorce process

Bryan Buljat


Your mediator, coach & facilitator, Mr. Buljat has helped over 500 clients transition through the divorce process. He has spent 27 years in corporate, government (US Navy), non-profit, and small business settings. For the last six years, he has focused on making the divorce process more civil, efficient and positive for his clients.

What We Do

A thorough, but quick process that includes four main steps


 Financial Disclosure


Notarized resolution  Legal Documents for Divorce Settlement


A few hours of mediation to get you through the undecided items


A Summary of Agreements Attached 

to your Final Judgment


  Financial Disclosure.


Notarized resolution Legal Documents for Divorce Settlement.


 A few hours of mediation to get you through the undecided items.


 A Summary of Agreements Attached to your Final Judgment.


We had a very rough beginning to our divorce. Bryan and his team were very helpful in getting us to think clearly and focus on the real issues in front of us. We were able to successfully complete in the time allocated and looking back I am very grateful for this process.I would definitely recommend Bryan to any of my friends or family.

David R.

Although we didn’t use Bryan to mediate our divorced, due to circumstances beyond my control I still had an amazing initial meeting with him and I think if things were different, I would’ve loved to have you help us through this process.

Paul F.

My ex and I finished the divorce process through mediation with Bryan. I would highly recommend him if you are considering divorce.

Vivian Z.

I found my experience with Bryan and his unique mediation process to be in lightning and incredibly helpful. My spouse and I were able to relatively quickly work through the issues and finalize our agreement. Bryan stayed within budget and within the time we allocated per the contract. I would definitely recommend him again.

Lee R.

Yes, this mediation process was straightforward and relatively simple. I would recommend him again.

Jim D.

We chose Bryan to help us through our divorce. Although it was a difficult time for us I do appreciate the insight you provided. We were able to finish our divorce my time and there were no hidden fees along the way. For this I am grateful!

Mary T.

Believe it or not, I really enjoyed the divorce process. My spouse and I were at a crossroads and do things needed to change. I feel like we made the best decision of us and choosing Bryan to help us get through it. I have already recommended him to another couple I know who are considering divorce as well.

Kevin T.

We used Bryan for our divorce a few years ago and when he asked me for a recommendation, I was conflicted. I think there are several things and issues that he brought up during the process that at the time were very difficult for me to work through. However, looking back on it, I see that he was very helpful and eventually I was able to let go of a lot of hurt feelings and future focused. From that point on, the divorce process was relatively simple and quick! Although I would not wish divorce on anyone, I do appreciate his insight and genuine approach to helping us get through it.

Jeff R.

As the primary breadwinner, I heard all the horror stories of divorce. Therefore, I was very concerned and had a lot of apprehension to starting this process. However, within the first two meetings, I was able to see the path very clearly and except the and result. Therefore, I feel like we saved tens of thousands of dollars by not battling through attorneys. For this reason, I would definitely recommend divorce mediation and specifically Bryan.

Leon N.

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" Bryan was truly amazing during this process! I feel like he went above and beyond his role as a mediator to help us transition through this difficult time. I would highly recommend him regardless of where you feel you are emotionally and financially. Any time spent with him is definitely more cost-effective than with attorneys on both sides."

Jessie R.

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